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The Online Spider Market Is Massive—and Crawling With Issues

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According to Stewart, spiders and scorpions have turned out to be low-maintenance pets that can actually be kept in apartments or small homes without a backyard without having to walk three times a day, raising public interest. It is said that. “They are fascinating creatures and beautiful,” says Stewart, who has been collecting them for the past 20 years.

That said, he agrees that international spider trade can be a problem, as unethical collectors can thin out wild populations. “I don’t like tarantulas because they look cool,” says Stewart. “We don’t want to buy tarantulas collected in the wild because we are more fascinated by them and want to save them in the wild. Now we almost make you a paria because you are part of the problem. . “

Stewart does not breed tarantulas himself — he says he buys tarantulas from reputable dealers — but he says it is much cheaper to breed them than to import them from the wild. “Importing tarantulas is a very expensive and time-consuming process,” says Stewart. “There are a lot of bureaucratic jobs you have to go through. You need to get a permit from the US Department of Agriculture and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Even collectors, these are ethically sourced, and they You need to prove that they were taken out of the wild with the right permits just to get them imported into the country. ”Stewart avoids dealers who cannot identify the source of spiders and investigates them in chat groups such as spiders. I advise people to do it.


Still, without an international certification program, it can be difficult for tarantula enthusiasts to actually know the origin of the creature. Are you a legitimate breeder seller here in the United States, or a collector who picked it from a tropical forest nest and smuggled it abroad? Named later in 2019, just weeks after Malaysian scientists discovered a new species of tarantula. Birupes simoroxigorumAccording to a journal report, a trio of collectors from Poland went on an expedition and sent some of them to the United Kingdom without proper permission. Chemistry.. Members of the same rare species, also known as neon blue leg tarantulas, are currently sold online in the United States. There is no US law prohibiting the purchase of this particular species, but international and US law protects certain tarantulas from Sri Lanka, so unless donated to a zoo or university, they may be imported into the United States. It is illegal to move across state boundaries. To Stewart.

Overall, most regulations apply to suppliers, not customers. Each country needs its own permit to collect wildlife. Also, in the United States, you need federal permission to import tarantulas and other exotic pets, but you cannot buy them.

Currently, each state has its own law governing ownership of exotic pets, but a new law that has passed the House of Representatives prohibits the sale of non-native exotic pets across state boundaries. The proposed law is a form of amendment to the Wildlife Trade Prevention Lacey Act, which is currently in front of the Senate Committee. The proposal is designed to crack down on invasive species that invade the United States, but some veterinary groups say that the law makes it more difficult for exotic pet owners to take care of veterinarians.

Still, Sergio Enriquez, invertebrate conservation coordinator at the Indianapolis Zoo, says that even legitimate sales are pushing up demand for colorful and rare spiders and scorpions, putting an increasing burden on wild populations. increase. Captive stock.

“We want people who love and care for these animals to find out how these species actually live in the wild,” said a group of IUCN spider and scorpion experts. Says Henriquez, co-chair of the. “If you love these animals, let them thrive in the wild. And don’t stay in the position that they are currently available for you, but they are for the next generation. Will disappear. “


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