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The camera soars overhead when a group of men, each with a rifle and a duffel bag filled with $ 8 million in cash, start out of the bank. Police helicopters haven’t roamed the sky yet, but will soon move.In many cases, unmotivated sweep camera movements on the screen have already been established as part of Michael Bay’s aesthetics. ambulance (2022) Before this scene, each move is still intentional and tells us how we are supposed to feel in the process of this enthusiastic chase movie.Diving from top to bottom of skyscrapers at Val Kilmer Ala heat Doppelganger, the camera does not tell paranoia, but it does show the scale of the crime being committed.Such aesthetic prosperity is rarely successful in other films, but by Michael Bay’s hands, it’s combined with the best craftsmanship that Hollywood can buy … Hollywood on the verge of non-existence, but Bay’s necessity ambulance..

Light and poppy Netflix release, like Bay’s previous director’s efforts 6 underground (2019), ambulance It’s a movie that starts where veterans are in trouble. 6 underground He touched on the issue of suicide of American veterans.When ambulanceIt’s a much more serious movie than its predecessor, but I noticed that the main character, Will Sharpe (Yahya Abdul Matine II), is suffering from veteran affair health care services. Will’s wife needs experimental surgery that their insurance cannot cover, and his desire to feed his wife and toddler son is in the direction he and his family wanted to be behind them. Push him forward. When he reunited with his adopted brother, Danny Sharp (Jake Gyllenhaal), Will quickly realized that past bank robbery was inevitable as he was thrown into Danny’s latest plans.

Meanwhile, an EMT named Cam (Eiza González) is working hard behind an ambulance a few blocks away from where Danny and Will’s bank robbery is likely to worsen. Gunshots ring when police ambush Danny’s team, already upset about the robbery. Bravely entering the scene, Kam and her ambulance driver pick up a police officer shot during the turmoil, but the ambulance is hijacked by Will and Danny to evade the law. Kam and the injured police officer are now hostages, and the survival of the police officer is one of the only things that prevents Danny and Will from being shot into sight by law enforcement agencies. from here, ambulance Take off as a very attractive, one after another absurd thriller.


The combination of medical dramas and robbery movies is a surprisingly spectacular time. Bay provides us with a serious gross-out moment of body horror without moving away from the car-nage, catalyzed by the violence of robbery movies. Through all of this, there is a powerful performance that protects us from the ground up in madness. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II wants he doesn’t have to commit incredibly and is involved in a crime that he wants to donate blood during a car chase and be held by police officers. The hostage is accepted because of his calm and competent attitude. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal plays evil with such dignity and charm that he wants to escape well so that Yahya Abdul Matine II’s personality can somehow return to his family. I am.The desperate era of desperate measures is ultimately a dramatic draw. ambulanceAnd the despair of the situation of everyone involved is highlighted by the constantly moving camera in the bay, which never misses an expression of shock, panic, or momentary relief.

Bayes, a 2005 film remake by Danish filmmaker Laurits Munch Petersen ambulance Is the current LA movie. The letters L and A in the title are shown in different colors to clarify the location. Roberto de Angelis has a bay camera that he enjoys in the city. Highways and elevated roads appear as maze-like mazes, and the character’s knowledge or lack of city knowledge is central to success or failure. Still, the editing patterns and camera movements are often so fast that they catch up with the speed of the title vehicle, so the audience just catches up with the characters and believes they know where they’re heading. I’m done.

In addition, this is a post-COVID movie, and Danny’s group of masked bank robbers can visually joking masking obligations because they don’t draw the attention of customers who are masked because of the virus. I can do it. ambulance Celebrating the character of Eiza Gonzalez, who is hostage but recklessly pays all attention to the injured police officer who is taking care of her. Even before she is taken hostage, we see her save a little girl from a horrific car accident, which has been consistently foregrounded by Chris Fedak’s script and Bay and his team. A dedication to her daily hero and her work.

As a release of Universal Pictures on a medium budget ambulanceThe $ 40 million budget is fine. Despite the great practical effects and seemingly remakes, this movie feels fresh and vibrant about what the movie is. One afternoon, this thriller conspiracy and atmosphere service maximizes image and sound integration.Produced by Bay Netflix 6 underground The budget was nearly four times higher ambulanceStill, it’s mainly for small screens, dramatically and aesthetically less impressive.Movies like ambulanceFor those who only enjoy prestige photography in independent cinemas and studios, what may fall between the cracks is made with vision and courage. Just to tell a simple story ambulance Stronger than Christopher Nolan Tenet (2020), this was advertised by Warner Bros. and its directors as an invitation to a post-lockdown cinema. Yes, Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay are both famous, but it’s the mid-range budget films that show the vitality of the film, and Bay has won the post-COVID genre of films. ambulance.. Is it great? No, but it’s a really fun time with a movie that the audience welcomes.

ambulance It is currently ranked at 1,023 / 2,759 (or 63%) on my flick chart.


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