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OnePlus Nord Buds review | CNN Underscored

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OnePlus has expanded its lineup of friendly budget device over the past few years, one of the latest products is OnePlusNordBuds. For just $ 39.99, these wireless earphones aim to offer a premium listening experience at a fraction of the more expensive options on the market, such as the company’s own OnePlus Buds Pro and OnePlus Buds Z2. increase.

We tested the new Nord Buds for less than two weeks to see if we could reach that goal and figured out where OnePlus cut prices to lower prices. Spoiler Note: These buds are really good, even if they are a little basic.

We are saying

Simple, comfortable and water resistant design


Max Buondonno / CNN

The OnePlus Nord Buds aren’t necessarily the most flashy earphones on the market. Their stems are thick and angular, they are almost entirely made of plastic, and the silicon tips are not as smooth as those found in more premium products, so they tend to get caught in the ears. However, the buds are very comfortable to wear. They are deep in the ear, but they help create a seal to block out external noise.

I especially appreciated the weight of the Nord Buds. NordBuds of just 0.17 ounces is the earphones such as notice that not wearing almost after a while. And we should know — we rocked them for hours writing this review, and we never felt uncomfortable wearing them. ..

Another big advantage of Nord Buds is the IP55 rating. This means that the shoots, whether rain or sweat, are safe against small amounts of water. Yes, we worked with these earphones. They aren’t designed for that, but they’re fully serviceable, assuming you don’t run crazy cardio routines.

Amazingly good sound quality

Max Buondonno / CNN

OnePlus, select the large titanium driver of 12.4mm in Nord Buds, it has provided enough space to put out the sound. The company also said that pay special attention to the bass, reliably add buds consumer of extra Anfu are looking for. In addition, the bud comes with support for Dolby Atmos, it will improve the overall quality.

We started from the coast of the country sound of Brian Kelly and his latest single, “WhateverFloatsYourBoat”. The soundstage he presents with acoustic guitar and airy drums played better than the Nord Bud driver. After that, I switched to hip-hop with Logic’s latest release, “Therapy Music.” His vocals were clear and clear, and the boom-bop beats were punchy and full. I also tried oldies like Hollies’ Bus Stop, which sounds clear and pleasing, albeit a bit lacking in the mids.

These earphones have been firm, but there are some drawbacks. Mid-high range has a little pitch, but is empty feeling, some of the songs (especially more complex works) will lose immediately definition. For example, when listening to the “honesty” of Justin Bieber, Musical Instruments are several that were lost in the Nord Buds, you can hear clearly in a more expensive earphones.

But that’s a story with lots of budget earphones. Often, it doesn’t come with a large sound stage that can accentuate the most complex pieces. Given the price, that’s perfectly fine. When compared to expensive earphones such as Google’s Pixel Buds A series and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2, we found that the sound quality did not change much. It was impressive to say the least.

Really solid battery life

Max Buondonno / CNN

OnePlus will market up to 7 hours of stamina on Nord Buds and advertise for another 23 hours in the included case. This turned out to be almost true. During our test, bud is usually lasted 6-7 hours on a full charge, the case was further supplied approximately 3 times of charging. There are some wireless earphones on the market that are far behind these statistics, so it’s great to see OnePlus be able to fulfill that promise.

Charging your earphones is easy because you have no choice but to use a USB-C cable. OnePlus states that Nord Buds has a fast-charging format that can be charged for 5 hours in just 10 minutes. In our tests, it was closer to 4 hours of battery life than 5 hours, but it’s still a pinch and useful.

Unfortunately, these earphones do not come with wireless charging. But with the exception of EarFun Air, that’s what you would expect in this price range.

What I didn’t like

Very basic controls with little “smart”

Max Buondonno / CNN

OnePlus was $ 39.99 and had to make some savings to reduce costs. One of the areas where it is widespread is intelligence. The latest earphones automatically pause music when one earphone is removed, quickly access voice assistants with hotwords, use head tracking for 3D audio, and a more isolated listening experience. You can perform all sorts of functions, such as providing active noise cancellation for.

None of these features are in NordBuds. Instead, OnePlus offers two very basic “smart” features. Multi-device support and fast pairing.

The former is not implemented like most wireless earphones. In this case, you can start playing the content on another device and the earphones can switch intelligently. Instead, you must manually tap and hold one of the buds to switch to the previously paired device. It’s a hassle, but it works fine.

The latter, on the other hand, isn’t like Google Fast Pair, but uses OnePlus’ own fast pairing system, so it only works in certain situations. The OnePlus phone or the HeyMelody app must be installed on an Android phone other than OnePlus for it to work. This isn’t a big deal as it greatly simplifies the earphone setup process, but it does mean that you’ll have to dive into the Bluetooth settings of other devices (including iPhones and laptops) to pair. increase.

OnePlus also included NordBuds touch controls. You can play and pause music with a single tap, skip the current track with a double tap, and skip to the previous track with a triple tap. Press and hold to switch devices. It seemed like it took a second or two longer for the tap to register compared to the other earphones on the market, but they all worked fine in the test.

Nord Buds settings can be found in the Bluetooth section of the OnePlus Phone Settings app, or in the HeyMelody app on other devices. There are some tweaks available for touch controls and EQ, and there aren’t many customization options available. Still, it’s great that OnePlus offers some versatility for earphones.

The case is bulky

Max Buondonno / CNN

The cases included in Nord Buds are clunky to say the least. It’s a bit taller than I expected, and feels much more fulfilling than something like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 or Apple’s latest AirPods. OnePlus has also decided to square the edges. This makes it feel like it’s too boxy to carry in your pocket. You are almost forced to carry them with some external carryalls.

Mike’s performance is decent, but wind mitigation requires work

Max Buondonno / CNN

Each Nord Bud has two microphones to make it easier to hear. It turns out that these microphones are completely maintainable. No, they can’t sniff out more expensive products, but they generally work fine for video chats and phones.

By the way, OnePlus included noise reduction using AI for calls to help reduce external noise. That seems to work, as the caller said I could hear my voice clearly while I was standing on a noisy street corner, but the technique quickly collapsed when the wind blew. Therefore, it may be best to move to another location and make a call, especially if you are in a windy environment.


Max Buondonno / CNN

The OnePlus Nord Buds are some of the best wireless earphones available for less than $ 50 and work with many of the same features as EarFun Air that chose the best budget earphones available. With solid sound quality, excellent battery life, and an easy setup experience (at least for Android users), there’s not much to dislike.

Are they a little basic? Yes, but the essence is where they shine. If you want flashy high-end features, you’ll need to buy premium products such as the Pixel Buds A Series, Galaxy Buds 2, and OnePlus’ own Buds Z2. EarFun Air maintains its overall advantage thanks to wireless charging and slightly longer battery life, but it’s a bit more expensive and often sells for $ 49.99 to $ 59.99.

That said, the Nord Buds are well worth the low price of $ 39.99, if sound quality and battery life are strictly important, especially if you’re using Android.

Comparison with other wireless earphones tested

weight 0.16 ounces 0.19 ounces 0.18 ounces 0.16 ounces
Battery life (rated) 7 hours (earphones only), 30 hours (with case) 7 hours (earphones only), 35 hours (with case) 5 hours (earphones only), 24 hours (with case) 7 hours (earphones only), 38 hours (with case)
Active noise cancellation no no no yes
Wireless charging no yes no no
water resistant IP55 IPX7 IPX4 IP55
colour Black slate, white marble Black, white Obviously white, dark olive Obsidian black, pearl white

$ 39.99

$ 42.49

$ 99.99

$ 79.99


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