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John Oliver Rips Everyone From Susan Collins To Clarence Thomas After “Bulls-it” Abortion Ruling

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Tonight last week, after the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling, host John Oliver tore everyone from Susan Collins to Clarence Thomas to some Democrats.


Oliver describes Clarence Thomas as follows: The way you know, God intended. “

John Oliver later turned to Susan Collins. That’s right, Susan Collins. Susan Collins will definitely be that f-king idiot. “

Oliver later described many Democrats as follows: By the way, they took nearly two months to make a plan. Nancy Pelosi read the poem. One councilor tweeted a photo of himself doing yoga, and so many Democrats sent money demands and really met the old Democratic maxim. All of this seemed to have nothing to do with people’s feelings. “

Last week tonight’s host elected Cori Bush and AOC as elected Democrats to get it.

John Oliver concludes: If it was a permanent setback, a roadside station along a further descent to hell, or if it eventually activated a movement to regain everything we lost. But the only thing I know for sure now is that this week was a pain. I was furious. It was the highest fraud and, citing the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, was absolutely bullish. “

Oliver was right. It was disappointing to see so many Democrats sending fundraising emails and text messages, as 51% of the population lost their basic rights. Too many political cynics and “democratic strategists” treat Roe’s capsizing like another political opportunity when it’s much more.

It was a nightmare last week, but now is the time to wake up and fight.

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