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Israeli foreign minister slams EU’s Borrell over Iran outreach – POLITICO

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Israeli Foreign Minister Josep Borrell Fonti is responsible for EU foreign policy on a visit to Tehran aimed at reviving negotiations on Iran’s nuclear deal, which Israel has long opposed and sought to undermine as much as possible. He blamed Josep Borrell.

As a courtesy, Borel contacted Rapid prior to his visit to Tehran and said on Saturday that Borel had secured an agreement to resume negotiations.


However, Rapid’s reaction was not worthy of appreciation and accused Borel of ignoring recent accusations that Iran had attempted to kill Israeli citizens in Turkey. However, EU officials said Borrell had contacted Rapid exactly to discuss all these points. And in his public remarks after the meeting in Tehran, Borel stated that he raised the Iranians and them.

In Brussels, Israeli criticism was seen as part of an effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear negotiations.

“Borel sent Iran back to nuclear agreement negotiations before his trip to Tehran and sent a message to Yale Rapid explaining his attempt to remove the last obstacle,” a briefed diplomat told POLITICO about the exchange. rice field. “In response to the message, Rapid replied to Borel that his position was very disappointing, especially after removing and blaming the camera. [by the] IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] board. ”

“This is a strategic mistake in sending the wrong message to Iran,” Rapid told Borrell, “talking about the great potential in the context of Iran while Iran is trying to kill Israeli citizens around the world, especially in Turkey.” I have. ” , Shows a lack of concern about the lives of Israeli citizens. ”

Borrell’s spokesperson noted the long-standing policy of refusing to comment on the exchange of messages and refusing to discuss leaked diplomatic communications.

However, EU officials secure the Iranian agreement that Borrell will travel to Iran as a facilitator as a neutral coordinator of negotiations and resume “close negotiations” with U.S. negotiators within a few days. He said he was successful.

Officials acknowledged that there were “highly concerned issues” including the detention of EU citizens by Iran, but Borrell directly contacted Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdrahian, including Israel’s own security. Raised concern. Borrell often says that regaining compliance with the nuclear agreement on all sides is good for world stability and good for the Middle East, including Israel.

Borrell commented to reporters at the end of Saturday’s visit, admitting that Iran’s reintegration into the global economy will help address the rise in oil and gas prices resulting from the Russian war in Ukraine. rice field.

“This war jeopardizes many things-it is causing rising energy and food prices. In many countries, especially Africa, this will create social unrest,” Borrell said. “That is, the more oil we supply, the better our energy prices. To combat rising prices, we need to increase our supply,” he said.

“So this deal is good from the perspective of stabilizing the energy crisis. It is good from the perspective of strengthening security. From the perspective of Iran becoming a member of the international community and more actively participating in trade. Is a good thing, “Borrel said.

According to Borrell, the war “more needed” to restore the nuclear deal.

However, some Western officials believe that exchanging dependence on Russia for dependence on Iran is a serious and historical mistake.

Israel sees Iran’s nuclear trade as a real current danger and its own concerns about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons by assassinating Iran’s scientists and other officials and destroying critical infrastructure. We have been working for a long time to break the agreement while dealing with.

Israel also recently bent some muscles by playing the host visit From IAEA Secretary Rafael Grossi, and by publishing information to show it. Iran was stolen Confidential IAEA document. The visit elicited angry accusations from Tehran as the Iranians accused Grossi of prejudice.

Grossi urges Israel to sign a World Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, pointing out that his work requires visits to all nations, but speaks little about the visit.

Borel claimed success at the end of the meeting in Iran. “In summary,” he said. “Negotiations are stalled and unlikely to resume. Thanks to these discussions, negotiations will resume in the next few days, in close contact between the United States and Iranians.”

Stephanie Liechtenstein contributed to the report.


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