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Everton boss Frank Lampard hails ‘character of the club’ after famous comeback seals survival | Football News

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Frank Lampard extended his proud 71-year stay on Everton’s top flight five minutes later after Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s dive header defeated Crystal Palace 3-2 on a night at Goodison Park. I praised the fighting spirit of the team.

The situation seemed dark when they fell 2-0 within 36 minutes, who needed a win to keep themselves safe and avoid a nasty final day trip to Arsenal chasing the top four. ..

However, in addition to manager Frank Lampard’s tactical changes, the pure emotions and powers of the noisy crowd dramatically fell in the second half, with Michael Keane first and then Richarlison sixth in nine games. It turned things around.


And when the stage was set, Calvert-Lewin, who had just scored his first goal since August with a defeat to Brentford on Saturday, stood up with a free kick, the Guuladis street end behind the goal exploded, and the rest. I was watching the ground continue.

Lampard said: “What we’ve just seen is the security of the Premier League, not the Champions League, but what does that mean for the club and the circumstances they are given? The characters, fans and players of this club tell us. I let it go through .. The spirit of the club was immeasurable.

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Free to watch: Highlights of Everton’s victory over Crystal Palace

“There are a lot of people working hard for it, players, boards, fans, staff, etc. It’s been a big night for Everton and now we want to move it forward.”

The dire nature of their defense, which allowed Jean-Philippe Mateta and Jordan Ayew to lead visitors to a two-goal-worthy lead, was in the final whistle, as Lampard’s name was chanted by all four sides of it. Forgotten on a night of celebration and relief on the old ground.

[Staying up] It makes a lot of sense to the club, given the 2-0 down situation. People don’t forget this. Evertian people do not forget it. They would say this is Everton, but they do. This is a special night.

Everton Manager Frank Lampard

When asked what was said in half-time, Lampard added: ..

“My point is that it’s not a tactical change, it’s emotion and personality. Can you energize the crowd and score goals early? Then it’s energy. Players deserve immeasurable credit. increase.

“If you can’t reach your first goal, it’s hard to win. I expected Burnley to get something. When it came in, I felt the players and there was something special at night. The crowd reacted. Made a special night in Everton’s history.

Jordan Pickford Celebrate Everton to Survive
Jordan Pickford Celebrate Everton to Survive

“We needed fans tonight. It was easy to predict the worst at 2-0, but they’ve been doing it for a long time since the Chelsea match. It was difficult after Burnley’s defeat. Again, the atmosphere was another level and it was great to see them on the pitch. We don’t tolerate it, but it was very sincere.

They want success, and when they see the team giving it, they react instantly. Those moments were precious. The battle for demotion is tough, an experience in itself, with support from the owner, chairman and Dennis. [Barrett-Baxendale] And it’s difficult for fans to bring in.

“We were awake because everyone can see the heart and soul of the team. There was a crack when I arrived at the club. Now it’s time to replenish and learn. We’re here There is a reason to be in. “

Vieira caught up with the euphoria of pitch invasion

Patrick VIERA watches from the touchline
Patrick VIERA watches from the touchline

Crystal Palace boss Patrick Viera was filmed on the pitch of Goodison Park, taking turns with Everton fans during the post-match pitch invasion.

When Everton fans approached him, Vieira was walking across the pitch towards his team’s dressing room on the other side of the ground. And it urged a reaction from the boss of the palace.

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Patrick Viera admitted that Crystal Palace couldn’t cope with Everton’s fight in the second half after the home team won 3-2 and secured the Premier League survival.

Vieira was asked about it at a post-match press conference and said, “I have nothing to say about it.”

Sky Sports News sought to contact Crystal Palace and Everton for comment on the incident. We are also requesting comments from FA.

Lampard was mob before the pitch invasion
Lampard was mob before the pitch invasion

Vieira’s counterpart, Lampard, provided his support.

“I feel Patrick,” he said. “I didn’t catch him in the end. I would have said,” Come with us “-though he may not have wanted it.

“Of course, he ran 80 yards on the pitch, but that’s not easy.”

Regarding the pitch invasion itself, Lampard said: “It was a pure uplifting feeling for the fans who came to the pitch avoiding demotion. Give them a moment.

“If that’s done the right way and there’s no scene like the other night, run them on the pitch. That’s the purpose of football. What are we going to do? Handcuffs on the seats Do you call? No problem as long as they behave themselves. “

What’s next?

Everton will travel to Arsenal and Crystal Palace will host Manchester United on the final day of the Premier League season at 4 pm on Sunday.


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