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Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestream Reached Millions Even After Twitch Removed Footage

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Buffalo’s Twitch live stream on Saturday in the supermarket was removed by the platform within minutes, but the video was able to spread across the internet.

In a statement CNNTwitch, a popular company for live streams of games owned by Amazon, said it identified and deleted the stream within two minutes.


“Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy against all kinds of violence and strives to respond quickly to all incidents,” the streaming giant said in a statement to the New York Times. The company also confirmed that the account that streamed the video was suspended and that it monitors the accounts that share it.

On Saturday, before the shooting took place, the shooter, later identified as Payton Gendron, invited others to the online space of chat service Discord and posted a link to the Twitch stream and the racist manifesto. bottom. According to the Washington Post, a “drill.”

Shooting at a tops grocery store, primarily in the Black district, killed 10 people and injured three more. According to the post, the attack was streamed to the account “jimboboiii” and deployed online in real time to 22 other users.

At least one viewer who has watched the live stream saves a copy on their computer, shares it, downloads it, and specializes in platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and violent and uncensored videos and message boards. Opened the door to re-share on.

YouTube said the “trust and security team” has deleted hundreds of videos related to the attack.

The company is in compliance with community guidelines by removing content that praises or praises the performers of the horrific events in Buffalo, such as removing the re-upload of the suspect’s manifesto. Did.

Authorities outline specific plans to attack blacks, with whites immigrants and colors.

Facebook said in a statement issued to the HuffPost that on the day of the shooting, “we quickly designated the case as a violating terrorist attack.”The company states that “a copy or link to a video, manifest, or other content that is praised, endorsed, or represented. [the Buffalo incident] It will be deleted because it violates the policy. “

In addition, the platform said it has Permanently blocked links to incident videos and suspect manifests hosted on other platforms.

Facebook said it is working closely with the Global Internet Forum to combat terrorism To respond to an incident. This allows businesses to share video and manifest hashes (a type of digital fingerprint) with industry partners to prevent further spread.

But on Sunday morning, journalist Eoin Higgins “Graphics” video Some of the shootings were also available on Facebook the day after the incident.

According to screenshots of the Internet Archive obtained by video game news site Kotaku, the videos uploaded to Streamable have been played over 3 million times and were available all day long after they were filmed.

The New York Times reports that it continued to patroll Facebook for up to nine hours, even if the video was deleted because it violated Streamable’s Terms of Service. Axios reported that they had access to clips taken on Facebook by 11:30 pm on Monday.

Similarly, in 2019, after Gunman livestreamed the attack on the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand on Facebook, the social media platform announced that it had removed 1.5 million videos of the attack in the next 24 hours. ..

Gendron temporarily appeared in court on Thursday after a grand jury charged him with first-class murder. He will return to court on June 9th.


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